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SDS- Eco-Tuff High Traffic Coating

Description: The highest quality 100% Acrylic emulsion and Urethane dispersion with advanced bio-based technology that offers outstanding abrasion, hot tire pick-up, chemical, water, and weather resistance for interior or exterior use. A breathable self sealing, uniquely hard yet flexible pigmented coating that protects and beautifies numerous compatible substrates. An enhanced solvent free wax emulsion further improves scratch resistance with recoat compatibility to help maintain a beautiful color coating for years to come. May be topcoated with Eco-Tuff™ High Traffic Clearcoat in Matte or Gloss finish to provide desired sheen level if applicable.

Petro-Solvent Free | NMP-Free | Glycol Ether Free | VOC-Free | Tough Film Barrier | High Bonding | Virtually Odorless

Satin. May be topcoated with HT Coating or HT Clearcoat to achieve a Matte or Gloss sheen.

Colors: 12 standard colors from our color pallete with optional Infrared Reflective (I.R.) version. Custom colors available.