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Eco-Tuff I.R. Deck Paint

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Our advanced sustainable chemistry has made it possible to deliver a high performance eco-friendly non skid deck paint that solves numerous problems encountered with competitive deck coating products. Now you can choose the safest and best deck paint to resurface, repair or beautify your wood deck, pool deck, and other wood or concrete surfaces.

Eco-Tuff Deck Paint is formulated with a proprietary bio-based co-polymer technology that incorporates 100% solvent free acrylics, uniquely hard yet resilient solvent free urethane's for outstanding durability, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and weathering resistance that acrylics or elastomerics alone cannot deliver. The perfect balance of high performance resins are necessary for increased bonding, breathability that allows moisture vapor to escape which is a primary cause of premature failure, film hardness to withstand surface traffic use, and flexural strength that allows minor shifts from expansion and contraction of the substrate without cracking.