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Description: TimberSoy™ Natural Wood Stain is the world’s leading professional grade bio-based emulsion technology that provides a penetrating semi-transparent non film forming stain that integrally bonds and beautifully colorizes natural wood substrates. The bio-based ingredients helps rejuvenate, preserve and protect wood without degrading the appearance of the grain. It is a breathable stain to allow necessary moisture vapors to escape without causing delamination. Enjoy a lap free flow, excellent sprayability, and a quick dry time for the fastest return to service.

Petro-Solvent Free | Glycol Ether Free | Ultra Low VOC |
Penetrating | Non-Film Forming | Integral Bonding

Sheen: A penetrating stain that is non-film forming when applied correctly, thus imparts a natural matte finish.

Colors: 35 standard colors from our color palette with optional Infrared Reflective (I.R.) version. Custom colors available.