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Our Mission
The ecoprocotetm brand of sustainable coating innovations was developed to meet rigorous performance and Green Building compliant requirements. The architectural, decorative, and maintenance coatings industry is a multi-billion dollar industry with continued growth expected well into the future. As the coatings industry continues to grow, so does the growing concerns over the long-lasting effects on human and environmental welfare.

Professional installers are exposed to various toxic ingredients through respiratory and skin exposure on a daily basis. Effects of toxic offgassing of hazardous coating materials also have effects on building occupants, lasting long after the project is complete. Chemical sensitivities, allergies, and respiratory diseases continue to rise as "Sick Building Syndrome" is now a proven reality.

To reduce the continued negative effects of hazardous materials, there are many new environmental and air quality regulations being enforced. The Green Building initiatives also have made significant positive impacts in mainstream construction methods. Studies continue to prove the financial and safety advantages of using safer building materials. So what's the hold-up?

Major manufacturers have an established global distribution channel of dealers and even company-owned stores. The massive inventory and financial commitment of conventional chemical technology prohibit immediate conversion to newer, better chemistry. It is impossible for these corporations to totally convert or risk such a major financial and infrastructure shift. If the new technology being introduced is better, why are the majority of the toxic materials still being sold?

While everyone is jumping on the "green" bandwagon with a new low VOC or no VOC product, we believe there is much more to sustainability and performance is a key ingredient. If a product has to be applied more often, or more material is required, where's the "green" benefit? If the product contains high petroleum content or exempt solvents that don't count towards VOC limits, where's the "green" benefit? If over half of a companies products are hazardous, where's the commitment to "green"

We only produce and market "green" eco-friendly innovations. Our product evaluation includes three main characteristics: 1) Performance 2) Sustainability 3) Value. The product must perform as well or better than conventional products. A superior technology affords us to deliver products that use less material, prolong substrate life and takes less time to install, which adds to its sustainability. The product must contain more sustainability attributes than competitive products. The majority of our products use renewable resources, recycled content, and of course, low or no VOC's. Our technologies also do not contain exempt solvents and actually contribute to the reduction of petrochemical ingredients. Lastly, our products must cost the same or less than competitive products. We accomplish this by not only comparative retail cost but by the time savings and material usage. Our customers agree,we offer all three attributes.

So our mission is simple:
  • Develop a Global Channel For Our ecoprocotetm Green Building Compliant, Sustainable Coatings.
  • Reduce The Negative Human and Environmental Impacts of Hazardous Materials.
  • Maintain The Commitment of Delivering Only High Performance Sustainable Solutions.

    We believe that by understanding the interdependence of people and the environment, we can introduce new chemical innovations that will allow everyone to win. Our ability to exclusively partner with leading chemical technologies and individuals who are dedicated to the development of sustainable technology is a single minded commitment needed to create change. Superior and safer technologies are available today. There is absolutely no need to compromise performance over safety. We are setting out to prove just that!