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Eco Safety, Inc., d.b.a. Eco Safety Products is a privately held SBE, MBE specialty chemicals and coatings manufacturing and distribution company based in Phoenix, Arizona. We began operations in February 2004, founded by current President, John Bennett and is supported by a dedicated team of professionals working diligently to enable our technology innovations to be enjoyed around the globe.

We market to OEM, contractors, government, wholesale and retail trade throughout North America and abroad. Our product technologies include: concrete stains, wood stains, finishes, paints, safety coatings, safety solvents, and more. Our full range of architectural, decorative, and maintenance coatings makes Eco Safety Products and its EcoProCote™ brand of sustainable coating innovations, the leader with floor to ceiling substrate solutions.

Eco Safety Products is the first and only specialty coatings manufacturer that incorporates renewably sourced ingredients in every product we manufacture. We are dedicated to advanced sustainable coating innovations that achieve sustainability, value and performance. These three attributes drives our technology, development and supply chain methodology. We will only develop and market the best available chemical technologies that replace toxic ingredients and will meet or exceed the ongoing stringent standards of air quality, performance, and green building certification criteria. This is what sets us apart as a leader in sustainable coating innovations. 

Sustainability is not just having a low or no VOC product. We see coating manufacturers proudly claim and spend millions on advertising their low or no VOC product as a measure of eco-friendliness. This is because it is the only current sustainability attribute the product can claim. We take eco-friendliness a lot farther. We significantly reduce petroleum content and affects of CO2 and other toxic emissions by using renewable bio-based resins and other alternative technologies. Most of our raw material resins are also made from waste stream by-products or recycled content. Our advance technologies actually reduce the amount of material and time by up to 60%, cuts energy, waste, and expense.

Value is saving time, reducing waste, saving money, and having the best overall experience possible. The perceived notion is that all "green" products costs more and don't work as well. Well, we're changing this misconception. Our ability to achieve true value is a game changer in the industry. Most of our coating products achieves up to 2 times the spread rate making our products the lowest cost per square foot in its class.

Performance is the ability to be flexible in field applications, increasing substrate life, and having longer product life, thus reducing the number of recoats over the life of the substrate. We believe by reducing installation stress and toxic effects of offgassing, the quality of workmanship also improves significantly. This ties into our sustainability requirement as well. Our advanced chemical innovations works as well and even better than competitive products in its class.

Our high performance professional grade innovations simply uses common sense and smarter chemistry. Our safer alternatives works as well and even better than its conventional toxic counterparts without compromising cost, safety or performance. We may be biased, but to us and our tens of thousands of customers, it's just plain common sense. A real no-brainer!

Smarter Chemistry
More Sustainable - More Value - More Performance
We appreciate and value every opportunity to earn your business. Working along side like minded individuals and corporations, gives us the necessary focus to accomplish our mutual goals. We hope you will join us in our quest to inform, educate, and prove that we can live, work, and innovate without compromising quality of life. Let's prove we can enhance the quality of life, and that businesses can grow by realizing that the people and the environment are interconnected.

You can be assured of our personal and prompt attention with the focus on providing value for your organization. Thank you for your interest in Eco Safety Products. You'll enjoy our refreshing way of doing business! We look forward to working with you soon!

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