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The Taube Museum of Art underwent a flooring renovation project, removing carpeting installed approximately 12 years ago. The decision to install SoyCrete concrete stain was easy. They needed to have a floor that was easy to maintain, no grout lines to clean, and no more dust or pollutants collecting within carpet fibers. The other key factor was to allow staff to work during the installation phases, so the solution needed to be completely eco-friendly.

Eco Stain and Sealing of Minot, ND installed Deco-Poz Eco-Blend Micro-Topping over the existing adhesives to eliminate a costly, time consuming and noisy grinding process. It also gave the floor a brand new textured concrete canvas to install the decorative floor. SoyCrete in Espresso color was installed and Eco-Tuff High Traffic Clear Coat as the finish topcoat. The decorative floor was an appropriate solution for a Museum of Art.