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Technical & Training Services

Eco Safety Products offers various fee based programs to enhance the knowledge base and application of our line of sustainable coating technologies. The increased consumer demands for high performance alternative coating materials has contributed to our fast growing stocking dealer and installation dealer network. By providing short and affordable programs held at select locations around the country and on a regular monthly schedule in Phoenix, Arizona, we can assist our dealer network in expanding market opportunities.

Program Descriptions:
1) Basic Workshops: These workshops are scheduled by our stocking dealer network as 1 1/2 hour product specific sessions to provide basic introduction and application of the selected product. These sessions are ideal for end-user introduction and an affordable way for professional installers who simply want to investigate the technology and installation advantages prior to making a commitment to pursue an authorized installer status. Each workshop will include the technology overview, advantages, and hands-on application methods. Contact your local dealer to request or obtain available workshop event schedules. Fees: Vary by Dealer

2) Authorized Installer Workshops:
These workshops will be a 1 day long hands-on informative training session covering: benefits of sustainable coating alternatives, product solutions overview, performance advantages of our technologies, and hands-on product application. Product applications will generally include: surface preparation, application methods, and troubleshooting of our flagship products. (Decorative Concrete Staining, Decorative Overlays & Cementious Transformations, and Industrial Safety Coatings).

All qualifying installers completing the workshop will be posted on our dealer website in a special Authorized Installer section. New installation companies must complete the workshop and submit a minimum of (3) project photographs and details prior to inclusion. This designation will provide enhanced credibility and confidence with their potential customer. In addition, it will provide the installer more exposure and qualified national installation leads from our heavily visited website as well as from your local stocking dealer where applicable. Authorized installers will also receive additional discounts on applicable products from any participating dealer located throughout the U.S. With these discounts and even a single lead will turn your nominal workshop fee into a valuable investment of your time.

Workshops are scheduled on a regular monthly basis held in Phoenix, Arizona. Select stocking dealers may also host these events at regional locations around the country. We will regularly update our schedules to reflect these sponsored locations. Fees: $299.00 per person, $150.00 for each additional person from the same company.

3) Onsite Technical Project Support: We offer fee-based technical services for all authorized installers. These services are generally requested for project specific on-the-job training, advice, troubleshooting, project management, or specialty decorative artisan requests. Depending on the technical support requested, we will provide a quotation for the resource level and time required. Many specialized requests may be advantageous for us to pull from available resources within our installation dealer network. If your company has specialized resources and capability, please submit your request to be placed on our technical resource database.