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Authorized Installer Network

Eco Safety Products has launched a new authorized installer program starting January 2008 to recognize and promote professionals who have received factory training on our innovative sustainable coating technologies. Our listings will be updated regularly as professional applicators complete the authorized training workshop or have been grandfathered into the program by requesting inclusion and by meeting our minimum project installation requirements.

During the process of obtaining inclusion requests from experienced installers and updating new applicants, there will be many well qualified firms that may not yet be posted on this website. Companies listed in our installer network are in no way affiliated, subcontracted or employed by Eco Safety Products. This program is not an endorsement or guarantee of the performance or warranty of the installation company. The Authorized Installer Program is a courtesy service listing to inform our stocking dealer network, general contractors, architects, and end customers of companies who have either installed or received factory training on the applicable product solutions. All customers are responsible for making their own informed decision when selecting a contractor to perform the services requested.

Authorized Installer Program Details:

Current Installer Categories:
1) Decorative Coating Contractors: SoyCrete, Acri-Soy, Poly-Soy, Eco-Tuff, & Deco-Poz
2) Wall Covering & Painting Contractors: Dura-Soy One, SoyCrete, & Deco-Poz
3) Wood Finishing Contractors: TimberSoy, Acri-Soy, & Poly-Soy

We will add new products to the current categories when applicable. Some new product solutions scheduled for release in 2008 will require specialty authorized training events and will be announced when available.

1) Experienced Installers- We have numerous installers around the country that have installed one or all of our coating solutions. Most of these firms work with our stocking dealer network, so we may not have record of their experience level. To help support these well qualified installers and the local stocking dealer(s), we will grandfather these applicators into our installer network. The minimum qualification is to receive an inclusion request from the installer and we must receive no less than 3 project photographs of our installed product(s) with project details. A telephone conference is scheduled with the company to obtain the company biography and to provide the installer with all product solution updates.

2) Authorized Installer Training- All qualified installation companies that complete our sponsored training workshop will be included into our Authorized Installer Network. New companies that have no previous installation experience will have completed our training and a minimum of (3) successful installations with supporting photographs and project details prior to inclusion.

All companies listed in our Authorized Installer Network must submit a minimum of (4) project photographs per year with supporting details to maintain inclusion in the listing.  Companies with verifiable consumer or dealer complaints that do not reach a satisfactory resolution will be subject to immediate removal from our network.