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PDS- DuraSoy ONE Paint & Primer
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SDS- DuraSoy ONE Paint & Primer

Description: The world's leading professional grade bio-based emulsion technology provides the perfect balance of what the most discriminating painter wants in a premium paint. Advanced bio-based chemical engineering is a smarter alternative replacement for toxic solvents traditionally found in paints without compromising performance. DuraSoy ONE is not only V.O.C. free, it contains rapidly renewable resources, and a unique 100% recycled mineral that is crystalline silica free to help impart a tougher film and better hide. Since we only use the highest quality resins and pigments, DuraSoy ONE may be used for both interior and exterior applications.

Solvent Free 100% Acrylic | VOC-Free | Bio-Based | Recycled Content | Crystalline Silica Free | Glycol Ether Free | Virtually Odorless

Available in a "Velvet" and Semi-Gloss sheen options. Velvet is the perfect balance of a high side flat and low side eggshell for optimal hide of imperfections with excellent cleanability. Semi-Gloss provides enhanced water, chemical, and abrasion resistance for high use or moisture prone areas.

Colors: Over 1200 colors from our standard fan deck or custom matched to most major manufacturers color palette.