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NEW Easy Mix & Fast Dry Formula. Simply Pour-In Polymer & Mix.
Now Offering Our New Rubberized Non-Skid Cement Mix.

Product Data Sheet

High performance eco-blend concrete microtopping made with a recycled pozzolan to not only reduce portland cement content, but to add strength and reduce sulfate attack. Transform or re-purpose virtually any substrate into a concrete masterpiece or a resilient textured non-skid concrete finish made with recycled rubber.

Recycled Content | High Bond | Fast Return to Service | Sulfate Resistant | High Strength | Crack Resistant

Cement Mix Options:
White, Gray or Rubberized Non-Skid Cement Mix. The system is compatible with integral concrete pigments, SoyCrete Decorative Concrete Stain, or Eco-Tuff Coatings to colorize and protect your new concrete canvas.