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DuraSoy Bio-Based Paints
DuraSoy Onetm is a new generation professional grade sustainable bio-based paint technology that is changing all the rules in the paint coatings industry. It's unique chemistry fills the void when comparing performance, sustainability, and cost for professional painters and do-it-yourselfers alike.

DuraSoy Onetm does not contain hazardous ingredients such as propylene glycol or formaldehyde and is virtually odorless. It is a fast drying bio-based low odor paint system that will dry to the touch within 30 minutes to 1 hour for a quick return to service.

High Solids Technology: DuraSoy One contains over 62% solids which is 2-3 times more than competitive latex paints. That means you achieve up to 300% more film build (dry mils) over the same surface area or achieve higher spread rates in volume comparison. The thick smooth consistency acts like an oil based paint. With very little water content, you are able to reach a desirable mil thickness for a true one coat hide without having your paint drip off the roller or run down the wall. Instead of painting on water that evaporates and leaves little film build, a high quality thicker film build will provide much more wearability than traditional paint.

Water & Stain Resistance: DuraSoy One, unlike conventional paint technology actually penetrates, bonds and seals within the substrate and leaves a durable water repellent satin finish. This repellency features makes it difficult for foreign matter and contaminants to fully bond to the paint, thus, making it easier to clean. In fact, our satin finish is as easy to clean as a semi-gloss finish but without the sheen. 


Just having low or no V.O.C. and low odor is simply not enough to be truly "green" We go a step further by our actual chemical content. DuraSoy One contains bio-based technology, a rewewable resource material, recycled content, contains no V.O.C. and is low odor. We actually combine sustainability with high performance without compromise.

DuraSoy One may assist with various Green Building criteria under the following attributes:

Renewable Resource Material
Recycled Content
Bio-Based Content (40%+)
Low Emitting Material (0 VOC)
No Exempt Solvents
Indoor Air Quality
Petroleum Reduction
Less Material Usage
Extends Substrate Life

Our indoor and outdoor compatible technology reduces the number of paint products required and minimizes material use. It's high solids content and repellency features delivers a more durable finish that extends the life of the substrate and reduces the number of recoats required, further reducing material and energy consumption.
DuraSoy One Overview

The Technology:
DuraSoy Onetm  is made from rapidly renewable resources. Contains no VOC's, no hazardous ingredients, and very low odor. The superior penetration ability of the soy ester formulation similar to the permanent penetrating capability of our stain technology has been perfected for our interior and exterior paint system. It contains over 40% bio-based content in solids making it the highest bio-based content paint available today. This advanced patented technology delivers results never before possible in conventional paint systems and changes all the rules in the decorative and architectural paint industry.

Unlimited Colors:
DuraSoy Onetm may be computer color matched to virtually any manufacturers color palette. Simply provide the manufacturers color card to your dealer for a custom formulation of your choice. We recently  formed an alliance with CBN, the foremost leader in color matching software. End users, designers and architects can now use CBN's Selector for an easy drop and drag colorization tool with preloaded sample buildings or upload your actual project photo to select the colors of your choice. Simply visit your DuraSoy One dealer for more information or visit www.colorcharts.org for more software information.
Performance, Sustainability, and Cost Benefits:
The DuraSoy Onetm  technology provides superior bonding, hiding, scrub resistance and surface protection unlike any other paint product. It is truly a one step, one coat, one paint system that may be used on interior or exterior surfaces. Installing a durable system that can withstand the harsh outdoor elements, yet provide the hardness and cleanability required for indoor use changes all the rules for current paint systems. The bio-based content inherently provides outstanding moisture and repelling qualities that does not allow contaminants to prematurely degrade the surface integrity. This feature also allow easy cleaning with soap and water and does not contribute to mold and mildew growth. Our durable paint system that is easy to keep clean and can withstand outdoor weather environments will surely provide you with years of indoor enjoyment. By reducing the amount of material required and saving recoats, makes DuraSoy One the most cost effective ultra premium paint product on the market today.
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